Bulsatcom on Hellas Sat 2 at 39.0E IRDETO 2 Key 09.05.2010

vPlug and Other EMU Format 09.05.2010

Softcam format
I 060400 06 4B95529E76429CD4DE864D19A1F71D05 ; Bulsat (39°E) –> Active
I 060400 04 E2C4095EAFADAEC7095D2D3CF345ED57 ; Bulsat (39°E)
I 060400 02 DFDD0C4B92B4ABD26514B9AF9F0C79C4 ; Bulsat (39°E)
I 060400 M2 AE652B210BF89FC69507609842FD303E ; Bulsat (39°E) (ECM IV)
I 060400 M1 98B4DCAD44E8C9504C3F4E51692A7047 ; Bulsat (39°E) (ECM Seed)

Fausto keys Format
0604:000000:03:02:[4B95529E76429CD4DE864D19A1F71D05]; Bulsat (39°E) –> Active

Diablo v2 Rev3.9(Ipnosys012) AU Key03 (Not for other EMUs):
Key 03: 69 F4 78 6F E4 98 1C 7C D4 29 62 03 A1 55 85 7F –> Active

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